Commercial Cooking Equipment For Retail Foodservice Operations

At BKI, we’re all about making your retail business better. We design complete made to order solutions for your retail operation with equipment sized perfectly to your anticipated volume.

We customize menu items crafted specifically for your operation, then offer extensive training and pre-installed menu programming so you can start cooking fresh, fabulous food immediately. Our large capacity rotisseries and extra-large fryers consistently produce your menu items at the press of a button, as do the combi ovens. Food warmers complete a picture of the perfect, profitable retail operation.

How do we know this? We’ve been the innovators in the retail food service equipment industry for 62 years. We offer you a maximum return on investment with durable, long life equipment and we back that up with unrivaled customer support. So if you’re serious about maximizing your retail operation—talk to us.

Take some time and browse our featured foodservice equipment solutions and contact us with any questions you have.

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BKI® Cooking Equipment Is Designed For Efficiency And Durability

Lets take deep fryers for example. The amazing efficiency and fast recovery times of our fryers are realized by the placement of the heating elements completely inside the vat with oil flowing freely around them. More energy is transferred to the oil to cook your food and less is wasted out the exhaust. Add in a filtering system to keep your oil clean and fresh and you'll be saving hundreds on oil alone. Controlling the cook time precisely with our touchscreen controls will save you even more by ensuring food is cooked to perfection, but no more.


But how do you choose the right deep fryer for your operation? Take a look at the how-to articles below and learn how to make the right decision for your bottom line. Still have questions? That's great, contact us and we will be thrilled to help design the perfect cooking solution for you.