BKI® Commercial Cooking Equipment has helped the Foodservice Industry Create Culinary Masterpieces for Over 60 years.

We’re hard-core foodies! You can see our dedication to the culinary arts in the quality construction, durability and design elements that set BKI commercial cooking equipment apart.

We offer complete solutions to your commercial foodservice project needs: from combi ovens to food warmers and deep fryers to our rotisseries, we’ll have your kitchen, and profits, sizzling!

Take some time to peruse our commercial grade cooking line and give us a call with any questions. Our unrivaled customer service experts will guide you through planning, specifications, ordering and all the training necessary to make your commercial kitchen project a success.

CBKI-61 with food

Explore Our Brand New World of Combi

Exceptional Design for Exceptional Kitchens - the all NEW BKI Combi line is characterized by quality and simplicity. It has a unique ability to combine form and function; beauty and functionality effortlessly blends together. It enables you to reach perfection every time and with every meal.
Cook the way you want - the BKI touchscreen control lets you choose which kind of chef you want to be. You can cook manually and easily fine-tune your settings. Use pre-programmed recipes to ensure consistent, results every time. Or use the SmartChef feature which automatically selects the optimum settings for an effortless cooking process.
Something for Everyone - the NEW BKI Combi line offers everything from 6 pan countertop ovens to 20 pan roll-in models. Gas, electric, boiler based and boilerless models, BKI has a combi for every kitchen! The BKI Hoodini model combi ovens offer ventless electric cooking from countertop to large floor models. 

VGG8 with VGH8 cooking chicken

BKI Goes Ventless!

Why Ventless Cooking? Ventless cooking helps you save space, time and money.

  • Ventless ovens are not constrained to the beneath the overhead hood making them a great choice for kitchen redesigns when expanding the hood is not an option.
  • Increase workflow efficiency - create a prep and work cell around your ventless oven. This will prevent a bottleneck in front of the equipment under the hood.
  • Reduce hood space to save budget dollars and maintenance costs (average $103/hour every 3 months) Plus hood systems use a great deal of energy. Ventless cooking saves money on electricity making it an environmentally smart choice.
BKI is pleased to offer ventless cooking options for both Combi and Rotisserie ovens. Adding a VGH-8 ventless hood, with its patented 2-stage filtration, to one of our rotisseries helps clear the air of airborne grease particles. Our Hoodini Ventless Combi ovens have no filters to change. Be sure to explore all of BKI's ventless options right here on our website.

Train Less, Fry More with Touchscreen Fryers.

Training and retraining employees how to operate equipment takes up precious time you simply don’t have. We’ve solved that with our new Training Central built into our touchscreen controlled deep fryers. Employees can now look up any procedure and follow the easy step-by-step prompts.

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