Shipping Returns

Learn how to quickly and efficiently return equipment or report shipping damage.

Visual damage upon receipt

Upon receipt of a shipment, it is important to inspect for any visible damage before signing for receipt. As stated, all equipment is shipped in boxes and/or strapped to a skid. If a unit arrives off the skid, note on the delivery receipt – “SHIPMENT RECEIVED OFF SKID”
  1. Inspect each unit for visible damage. If a unit is damaged – note on the delivery receipt “REFUSED DUE TO DAMAGE”.  If the shipment is more than one unit, please note the serial number of the unit that is being refused.
  2. Retain a copy of the signed delivery receipt indicating the refusal. Complete the RMA Form immediately and notify Customer Service Department of the refusal so that a replacement can be sent and RMA can be issued.
Shipping Damage 3
Shipping Damage 2

Concealed damage

Sometimes merchandise is accepted with no apparent carton damage, but when unpacked damage is found. This is the most troublesome type of freight problem in that the damage may have occurred at any point. Therefore, BKI has established a procedure to assist you in resolving concealed damage problems. Please review this procedure carefully. It is intended to minimize the burden and cost to you but requires timely action.

  1. Inspection
    • Upon receipt, always verify that the unit arrived in the original boxes and are on a skid.
    • Make a visual inspection of all boxes looking for any type of damage (e.g. crushed, holes, bent boxes, oil marks, water marks or skid marks when freight is loaded on top of units.
    • Smaller shipments that are shipped via UPS Parcel should follow the same visual inspections, (e.g. boxes crushed, boxes re-taped, oil marks or water marks).
    • Any visual damage found at time of receipt should be noted on delivery receipt, i.e.,  “BOX CRUSHED POSSIBLE DAMAGE”.
  2. Off Pallet
    • If a unit or shipment arrives at your location off pallet, refuse shipment by marking delivery receipt, “SHIPMENT RECEIVED OFF SKIDS – REFUSED”.
    • If pallet is broken, request to check the merchandise before accepting.
    • If there is no visible damage, note on the delivery receipt that “SHIPMENT RECEIVED ON BROKEN PALLET”, in case damage is found after the driver leaves.
    • If there is visible damage, box item back up and refuse shipment by marking delivery receipt, “SHIPMENT DELIVERED DAMAGED”.
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Shipping Damage 6

Freight damages

  1. For each shipment received, verify that units arrived at your location in original boxes. If units arrive without skids, not banded or not packed in original boxes, please make visual inspection before signing the delivery receipt.  Always check for crushed boxes, holes in boxes or water damage. DAMAGES MUST BE NOTED ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT.
  2. Any claims resulting from lost or damaged merchandise during third party freight routing are the customer’s responsibility. DO NOT REFUSE SHIPMENT on 3rd Party shipments.
  3. Any shipment that was sent via Pre Paid routing will be handled by BKI. The customer is required to report the damage within 7 days for all LTL shipments and 1 day for all small package shipments (UPS Parcels).

Freight shortage

Each shipment has a bill of lading and packing list.  The bill of lading identifies the total number of cartons or pieces and the packing list identifies the individual items shipped.  If you receive a shipment with a shortage:

  1. The customer must note the shortage on the carrier delivery receipt at time of delivery before signing it. For example: “15 cartons received – 1 carton short”.
  2. Retain a copy of the signed delivery receipt indicating the shortage.
  3. Complete the RMA Form and submit it immediately notifying BKI Customer Service Department of the shortage. Please note that serial numbers are REQUIRED if applicable.
  4. BKI will file a claim with the carrier provided BKI Customer Service Department receives a legible copy of the carrier’s delivery receipt and the RMA Form within 5 days. If the shortage is properly noted on the signed carrier delivery receipt, BKI will reship missing units or items and file the claim.

Claim filing

  1. BKI can file claims with its LTL carriers within 7 days of delivery date as long as the merchandise is still located at the delivery address. Therefore, we urge you to open all units with 7 days of receipt.
  2. Small package shipments via UPS Parcel Services only have 1 day to report concealed damage from time of delivery. We urge you to open all small packages the same day of the delivery. As in any concealed damage case, report damage immediately to BKI Customer Service Department.
  3. If BKI is not notified within 7 days from time of receipt on LTL shipments or 1 day from time of receipt on small package shipments, then responsibility for freight claims passes to the customer.

All BKI policies and procedures for freight shortages and damages as described above are applicable to shipments made to our customers in the USA and Canada.

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