New Digital Display for VGG Series Rotisseries

New Digital Display for VGG Series Rotisseries VGG Series New Digital Display Case Study Our VGG series of commercial rotisseries have a new digital display! You will find the new display intuitive and easy to program. Follow along with this video to see how to use and program the new display. The VGG series of rotisseries are ideal for extremely high-volume supermarkets and restaurants, the VGG series have massive cooking capacity that will meet growing customer demand and improve profitability. These rotisseries can cook up to up to 80 3-lb (1.36 kg) chickens in 75 minutes. The results are so delicious—moist and tender inside and perfectly golden brown outside—that you’ll find you need every bit of this high capacity so your customers don’t have to go home empty handed! Though chicken is one of the most widely used products in a rotisserie, we enjoy cooking roasts, duck, lamb and many other mouth-watering options. The rotating rotors allow drippings to fall on the product directly below creating a glorious self-basting process that is absolutely delicious. The bright touch screen display makes operation a breeze with true one-touch cooking. Store up to 15 customizable menu programs that can be locked to protect important settings. Select English or Spanish with the new bilingual feature. Innovative safety features include cool-door technology and sensors that stop rotation when the door is opened. With smart features, high capacity and beautifully consistent results, you’ll find the VGG series can revolutionize your business!

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