FKM-FC Electric Pressure Fryer Training

The BKI® FKM-FC series of fryers cook up to 24 lb (10.8 kg) of product with our optional grande basket in one cycle and holds 75 lb (34 kg) of oil. The workhorse of any large volume kitchen, these extra-large electric pressure fryers are designed for simple operation, long life, and high volume.

If you’ve never tried them, you and your customers are in for a treat. The results from pressure frying are superb!

Pressure builds up in the vat, trapping moisture in the protein, leaving you with perfectly tender and moist meat while creating a crispy exterior. Pressure fryer foods have a longer holding “life” too, which is perfect for grocery deli grab-n-go displays. Add in a BKI hot case and your food will be hot and crispy for hours!

With innovative placement of the heating elements completely in the vat, the FKM series electric fryers offer outstanding efficiency and fast recovery times.
The automatic filtration system keeps oil fresh and extends its usable life. With the push of a button and the twist of a handle, filtering oil is easy and safe. This saves you money over the life of the fryer and keeps your food tasting consistently delicious every time. Tired of breading fall-off shortening the life of your oil? In the FKM series, a built-in cold zone collects breading fall-off, keeping oil fresh and clean.  Finally, the patented quick-disconnect allows for easy removal of the filtering vat.

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