Vgh 8 Ventless Hood

VGH Ventless Hoods

Self-contained and free of expensive ductwork, the BKI® VGH-8 ventless hood system has an advanced two-stage filtration process that removes virtually all grease-laden air from the VGG series rotisserie ovens. The VGH-8 ventless hood can be paired with the BKI VGG-8 or VGG-16 rotisserie ovens. This unit meets the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 202 testing standards. A forced maintenance system utilizes signal lights on the unit to alert the operator to check filter placement, replace dirty filters, and latch the hood doors. To avoid unsafe conditions, the VGG oven will shut off automatically if a hood door is opened, a filter is removed, or the power is turned off. Filters are available in fiberglass or high carbon for the ultimate filtration of grease particles.  100% hand built in the U.S.A., the VGH-8 is constructed to stand up to heavy use and provide a long service life.

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