Fkg Tc Pressure Fryer 034

Touchscreen Control Series of Commercial Deep Fryers

The BKI® TC series of high-volume deep fryers now feature touchscreen controls with our new, signature Training Central. The first of its kind in the industry, Training Central allows employees to manage virtually every operation—programming, cooking, cleaning, filtering, boiling out, and more—simply by following intuitive, step-by-step screen instructions that provide instant feedback. Open vat or pressure vat? Auto-lift fryers feature an open vat which is unbeatable for producing extra-crispy exteriors and tender interiors on a variety of fried foods. Pressure vats seal in moisture and provide a longer holding life— perfect for grocery deli grab-n-go displays. Gas or electric operation? Either way, you’ll love the performance of BKI fryers. Thanks to the placement of the heat elements or exchangers completely in the vat, the BKI fryers offer outstanding efficiency and fast recovery times. Oil Filtration System Filtration is a must, so we’ve made it standard. The built-in filtration system keeps oil fresh and extends its usable life. With the push of a button and the twist of a handle, filtering oil is easy and safe.

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