Blg Tc Auto Lift Gas Fryer

BLG Series Commercial Deep Fryers

The workhorse of pressure fryers, this extra-large gas-operated auto-lift fryer can take natural or LP gas and is designed for simple operation, long life, and high volume. The process controls are easy to use and program for true one-touch cooking. The BKI® BLG-FC fryer cooks up to 24lb (10.8 kg) of product with our optional grande basket in one cycle and holds 75 lb (34 kg) of oil. Open-vat fryers are perfect for producing extra-crispy exteriors and tender interiors on a variety of fried foods. The auto-lift basket ensures that food is removed from the oil at the precise moment it is completely cooked. The auto-lift feature pulls food out at the precise time to avoid overcooking. Combine this fryer with one of our hot cases and your food will be hot and crispy for hours!

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