Deep Fryers With Training Built In


Blg Tc Auto Lift Gas Deep Fryer

TC Series Commercial Deep Fryers Featuring Touchscreen Controls with Training Central.

The BKI® TC series high volume commercial deep fat fryers now feature new touchscreen controls with employee Training Central – the first of its kind in the industry. Any operation you can think of — programming, cooking, cleaning, filtering, or boil-out procedures — can be completed by following the intuitive, step-by-step on-screen instructions that provide instant feedback to the operator.

Train Less, Fry More With The Best Deep Fryers On The Market!

Training and retraining employees how to operate equipment takes up precious time you simply don’t have. We’ve solved that with our new Training Central built into our touchscreen controlled deep fryers. Employees can now look up any procedure and follow the easy step-by-step prompts. The benefits are clear, train less, fry more.

The TC Series Has Multiple Deep Fryer Configurations.

What’s the best fryer for you? We offer gas deep fryers or electric deep fryers to fit your needs.
With innovative placement of the heat exchangers completely in the fryer vat, the TC series gas and electric commercial deep fryers offer outstanding efficiency and fast recovery times.

Open vat with auto-lift or pressure fryer vats
Choose a deep fryer with an open vat with an auto-lift mechanism or our pressure vat fryers that seal in moisture. There are advantages to both, contact us for more information.

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