Specification Sheets

Download a BKI spec sheet to learn more about each of our models.

Download a product specification sheet

At BKI, we’re all about making your foodservice business more successful. We offer a complete line of commercial cooking equipment that is durable, efficient and delivers consistent results every time. We invite you to download one of our spec sheets then contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you!

Deep Fryers

BLF-F: Download

BLF-FC: Download

BLF-TC: Download

BLG-FC: Download

BLG-TC: Download

FKG-FC: Download

FKG-TC: Download

FKM-F: Download

FKM-FC: Download

FKM-TC: Download

OC-90 Oil Caddy: Download

BT-24M Breading Table: Download

LTS Landing Table: Download

Food Warmers

FW-15: Download

SM-27: Download

SM-39: Download

SM-51: Download

SM-2624: Download

SM-3824: Download

SM-5024: Download

SM-6224: Download

2TSM-2624: Download

2TSM-3824: Download

2TSM-5024: Download

2TSM-6224: Download

UW-17: Download

WS-13: Download

WS-15ST: Download

WS-15STC: Download


VGG-16-C: Download

VGG-16-C-PT: Download

VGG-16-F: Download

VGG-16-F-PT: Download

VGG-8-C: Download

VGG-8-C-PT: Download

VGG-8-F: Download

VGG-8-F-PT: Download

VGH Hood: Download

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