EZ-Lift For BKI Large Volume Commercial Fryers

AN3101130S EZ-Lift

BKI - FKG-FC-Ghosted-EZ-Lift-41

EZ-Lift For BKI Large Volume Commercial Fryers

AN3101130S EZ-Lift

If you are looking for a pressure fryer, but want the safety of an auto-lift feature, you are going to love the optional EZ-Lift for all BKI® large volume fryers. 
The EZ-Lift makes loading and unloading our fryers a safe and easy procedure. Once the basket is lifted from the vat, it can be easily swung to our special LTS landing table for the ultimate frying station. The EZ-Lift can be mounted to the left or right side.
The optional EZ-Lift can be mounted, or retrofitted, to any BKI® large volume fryer in the field or purchased already assembled to any BKI large volume fryer at the factory.

Note: The price is for the EZ-Lift option only, fryer of your choice is not included.

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EZ-Lift (only) List Price: $7,760.00

BKI - FKG-FC - EZ-Lift - LTS Tables
The new BKI EZ-Lift is optional for all our large volume commercial fryers. The EZ-Lift makes the process of loading and unloading product safe and easy.
BKI - FKG-FC - EZ-Lift - LTS Table
The new BKI EZ-Lift makes dumping fried chicken on our LTS landing table extremely easy for employees.
BKI - FKG-FC - EZ-Lift
Simply hook the basket handle to the the EZ-Lift arm and lift the heavy basket out and swing it over to your LTS landing table.

Model Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Options – Gas Fryers

Volts – Amps
115 – 2.2

Electrical Options – Electric Fryers

Volts – Amps
220-240 – 1.0

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